Children by Lagos Charisma

Don’t tell me it’s not deliberate…Are you a children 😆😆😆😆


Early Momo

Nights are yellow light
Get ready
Mornings are green light
No late coming in the class of success.
The earlier the better
There is less traffic on the way to success when you go early
If you have to go, go early momo


Life is more spiritual than physical
Everything that happens in the physical
was settled in the spiritual. Prayer has its code of conduct like everything in life.

One Hundred Words

The eulogy is in the form of a poem, each verse containing 4 words (characters) and 4 syllables. In the translation it tried to keep the 4 word per verse translation in favour of a more literal translation which conveys the full meaning in flowing English.

Awon Baba

21st century,
we are yet to record a collapsed mosque.
Men who built them are low in education and funds
yet their masterpeice endures for ages.
Ask the freshers
what they have done
to ensure these legacy endures
I know their mosque, where is yours?
I know their hospitals, where is yours?

#Anticipate: Apple and The African Market; How to win our heart. by Owoyele Charisma

In the March 21 lunch, Tim Cook mentioned target for customers in emerging markets, – obviously – Africa. The mother of all is Nigeria, if the change economics for once goes right.

Dear Tim, My name is Owoyele Charisma, there are factors that makes you win our hearts. 30 million iPhones sold in 2015, Africa alone can give you 100million in 2016 or beyond. The factors are as follows:

Orijin Zero! The Hero Brand

For innovation, one will give it to brand orijin, I doff my hat!
While other bitters and herbal drinks were seeing it Nokia, You visioned it apple.
Customers are funny and it is almost impossible to satisfy them.
A driver in Lagos traffic is off the Orijin grid under the scotching sun.
The reason is, the law disallow drinking alcohol while driving.
The non-alcoholic consumers too felt neglected for long.

History records that Aryabhatta utilized the concept of zero in his mathematical work, but he did not ascribe a symbol for it.

The oldest documentation of the actual symbol “0” and the origin of the word zero comes from the Persian al-Khwarizmi about 450 years later.

Venezuela, A model for Nigeria

Lesson from Venezuela: Nigeria should learn from. Since the discovery of oil in the early 20th century, Venezuela has been…